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When new cars TV holidays leave you empty
children, climate change, exercise, fiction, funny, leadbyexample, satire, votewithyourwallet, wholeness, wisdom,

Politics for a mature species ...
children, debt, denial, education, pathological wealth, politics, psychology, sociology,

Parenting in the UK
children, corporations, debt, education, fast food, love, mass media, matrix, poverty, Social media,

grass carp farming
agriculture, books, carp, Cornwall, fish, food, gardens, grass carp, growyourown, photos, popular, self-sufficiency,

Breeding goldfish in your garden pond
carp, ecology, fish, gardens, growyourown, hobbies, nature, self-sufficiency,

Lesson in manners whilst moving house
fiction, funny, satire, snobbery,

View from the hill
advertising, alcohol, alienation, being, consciousness, consumerism, creativity, transport,

Where inspiration comes from, and how to destroy it
art therapy, children, education, exercise, intuition, leadbyexample, meditation, psychology, wisdom,

A Ridiculous Hypothesis - Most work is an opportunity.
innocence, productivity, psychology, quotes, wisdom, work,

alcohol damaging children in UK
alcohol, children, denial, education, health,

wisdom, stupidity, consciousness, understanding quote
being, consciousness, leadbyexample, quote, self knowledge, wisdom,

The Passport is in the Heart
being, children, community, consciousness, debt, denial, heart, leadbyexample, poems, Syria, wisdom,

Inequality in Europe as % of GDP
pathological wealth, politics, poverty,

Heaven and Hell - Community Values. Diary of a non-feeding Vampire – (part 3x-b)
alcohol, community, exercise, fiction, positive mental attitude, psychology, satire, TibestianUndead,

Wholeness and Driving - Undead Diary chapter (2x +1)
debt, fiction, projection, psychology, satire, TibestianUndead, wholeness,

diet myths and common sense
advertising, diet, nutrition, obesity, popular science,

idollartry political satire - money infects democracy
awakening, denial, fiction, hope, idollartry, pathological wealth, politics, revolution, satire,

bees, biodiversity and pollination v pesticides
agriculture, bees, biodiversity, ecology, pesticides,

healthy diet and poverty
advertising, community, corporations, debt, diet, documentary, education, fast food, freedom, health, love, matrix, poverty, video, votewithyourwallet, wellbeing,

Global Atlas for the Blind
disability, disability aids, education, popular, popular science,

creepy parking ... and piles satire
being, consciousness, fiction, psychology, relationships, satire,

butter is better - whole foods beat profitable processed pap
advertising, corporations, food, health, nutrition,

Apparent offset of the winter solstice
blues, conservation, daybreak, mathematics, physics, popular science, winter,

Soprano Joyce DiDonato - War and Peace project
art therapy, female vocals, love, music, opera, popular, singing, soprano, video,

piano lessons free online part 2
education, music, music lessons, piano, piano lessons, video,

Institutional Corruption Finance in US politics
corporations, corruption, democracy, documentary, education, pathological wealth,

psychology, consciousness, ego in very young children
being, children, consciousness, education, institutional mind, popular science, psychology,

DIY projects education for children
books, children, DIY, documentary, education, engineering, video,

Protest votes in politics - best outcome: sociology psychology education
education, fantasy, hope, politics, psychology, sociology,

more wealth = less empathy
empathy, pathological wealth, popular science, psychology, sociology,

corporate politics - presidential auctions
being, books, consciousness, corporations, creativity, debt, democracy, matrix, politics, psychology,

the choice
love, meaningful, miscellany 1, poems, power, psychology,

How immigrant voices make democracy stronger
books, democracy, immigration, love, psychology, sociology, video,

Contagious Wellness - An Ongoing Awakening
being, consciousness, dreams, empathy, freedom, poems, symbolic, wellbeing,

Schools Kill Creativity - the remedy ...
books, creativity, documentary, education, psychology, video,

Mystical experience following a stroke - jill bolte taylor's stroke of insight
being, books, consciousness, documentary, psychology, video, wellbeing,

easy steps to freedom
advertising, alienation, exercise, freedom, leadbyexample, wisdom,

Know thyself ... or wound others
being, consciousness, fiction, leadbyexample, projection, psychology, satire, solar, wisdom,

Beyond creativity, crafts and hobbies (but don't stop!)
creativity, hobbies, hope, leadbyexample, psychology, spirit, wisdom,

Fear, aggression,hope and trust - excellent video
aggression, fear, hope, miscellany 1, trust, video,

allotments landscape Cornwall
allotments, Cornwall, gardens, landscape, organic, photos,

A Guide for the Perplexed - evolution of consciousness
corporations, freedom, hope, matrix, wisdom,

making the most of software and internet
art therapy, internet, open source, publishing, self knowledge, software,

Olympics junk food taste test - learn to (enjoy) cooking!
advertising, cooking, diet, junk food, nutrition, self-sufficiency,

Broke and Free = paradise
alcohol, consumerism, fiction, freedom, history, paradise, pathological wealth, politics, psychology, reinventing slavery, wisdom,

Solar energy to produce hydrocarbons from climate change pollutants
climate change, environment, pollutants, renewable energy, solar,

solar renewable energy, biodiversity and wildlife combine
biodiversity, building, renewable energy, solar, wildlife,

Renewable Energy success - USA projections to 2040
environment, miscellany 1, renewable energy, solar, wind power,

biodiversity photograph prizes
biodiversity, birds, foxes, nature, photos, wildlife,

hashtag needed non corporate social media
consumerism, creativity, debt, freedom, responsibility, Social media,

Projected Global Growth of renewable energy
climate change, miscellany 1, politics, renewable energy,

biodiversity and organic farming combats drought in Thailand
agriculture, biodiversity, food, landscape, organic, photos, Thailand,

Racist halfwits are offered self-awareness
being, consciousness, fantasy, featured, fiction, projection, psychology, TibestianUndead,

Cornish footpath on midsummer's day
climate change, Cornwall, photos,

fiction - career choices on leaving school
banking, capital, debt, fiction, freedom, funny, hope, housing, politics, satire,

kiwi fruit - Cornwall allotments
Cornwall, fruit, gardens, kiwi, organic, vitamins,

organic veg with comfrey compost
comfrey, compost, gardens, organic, photos, self-sufficiency,

eating disorder psychology triggered by fad diet
advertising, corporations, diet, education, healthyfood, psychology, superfoods,

Quick route to fitness, health: exercise
documentary, exercise, fitness, health, popular science, video,

corporations greed targets Kunkletown water supply
corporations, Kunkletown, matrix, Nestle, sustainability, water,

eating healthy on a budget
advertising, alcohol, diet, education, food, poverty, wellbeing,

Capital for 21st Century
books, economics, education, freedom, hope, matrix, psychology,

gluten-free diet only recommended for the few
children, diet, freefrom, gluten free, health,

Build a bird box for native bird conservation
biodiversity, conservation, DIY, environment, gardens, video, wildlife,

fruit and veg win Oz champions league ...
alcohol, diabetes, education, health, obesity, wellbeing,

energy policy for a sane species
empathy, environment, politics, psychology, renewable energy, solar,

Comfrey organic compost experiment
compost, environment, fertility, gardens, organic, soil,

GMO cartoon
cartoons, GMO, miscellany 1, paintings, satire,

what NOT to eat for health
diet, documentary, health, Mediterranean diet, wellbeing,

Unplugged from the Corporate World
#alienation, #debt, #freedom, #GrowYourOwn, #leadbyexample, fiction,

beware #HealthyFood misinformation
diet, education, freefrom, healthyfood, internet, popular science, Social media,

arthritis, ageing and diet
ageing, arthritis, diet, health, wellbeing,

Paradise Found
being, consciousness, featured, fiction, leadbyexample, miscellany 1, psychology, wisdom,

walnuts and bananas beat advertised 'health' food
advertising, ageing, compost, diet, growyourown, healthyfood, nutrition, positive mental attitude, wellbeing,

Debt Valley - and the route to escape
advice, debt, diet, documentary, education, fast food, poverty, support, video, wellbeing,

caffeine, salt and sugar compared to Mediterranean diet
diet, health, healthyfood, herbs, Mediterranean diet, salt, sugar, wellbeing,

plant-based diet, health and climate change
climate change, farming, food, growyourown, health, organic, self-sufficiency,

oils healthier than solid fat
diet, fats, food, health, nutrition, obesity, wellbeing,

gluten and wheat free pancakes
allergy, diet, eggs, food, freefrom, gluten free, health, wheat,

Obesity and Arithmetic
bullying, denial, diet, health, hope, obesity, psychology, wellbeing,

diets don't work - bar one
creativity, diet, exercise, health, hobbies, obesity, wellbeing,

peanut allergy in children
allergy, children, diet, peanuts, wellbeing,

UK over 40s health campaign
alcohol, diet, health, healthyfood, nutrition, obesity, smoking, wellbeing,

climate change threatens healthy diet
climate change, diet, environment, food, wellbeing,

slowest lessons to learn
denial, fiction, hope, psychology, sociology, symbolic, TibestianUndead, wisdom,

escaping reinventing slavery housing and learned helplessness
fantasy, fiction, freedom, hope, housing, reinventing slavery, satire, TibestianUndead,

Consciousness - The World in ones Head
being, consciousness, featured, fiction, funny, hope, leadbyexample, satire, Social media, TibestianUndead, updated, wisdom,

Bad advice is freely given
brainwashing, community, corporations, debt, education, fiction, freedom, love, matrix, popular, satire, spirit, TibestianUndead, updated, vampires,

all I need is a room somewhere - convert a van
allegory, banking, buy to enslave, debt, fiction, homeless, housing, learned helplessness, monopoly, reinventing slavery, Rothschild, satire, TibestianUndead,

grape enriched diet linked to better eyesight
diet, eyesight, grapes, health, phytochemicals, popular science, wellbeing,

healthy lifestyle campaign in Peterborough
diet, exercise, health, lifestyle, nutrition, Peterborough, positive mental attitude, wellbeing,

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