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Brexit, lies and Pathological Wealth

brexit, democracy, pathological wealth, Remain,

ReGenesis - In the (Second) Beginning
fiction, regenesis,

Bewildering Non-Automatons
fantasy, fiction, islandsofsanity, satire,

Morpheen discovers the FurryTypes
fantasy, fiction, islandsofsanity, satire,

Imminent fiction
fiction, islandsofsanity, TibestianUndead,

Making, mending, sharing and gifts - or consumerism
consumerism, creativity, debt, pathological wealth, positive mental attitude, wholeness, wisdom,

My search for the best dog food
dogs, growyourown, healthyfood, leadbyexample, pathological wealth, pets, popular science, vitamins, votewithyourwallet,

  Islands of Sanity in Dark Days
 awakening, debt, gnosticism, hope, psychology, self knowledge, 

  ex-institution, Gnostic Book of Job
consciousness, fiction, gnosticism, meaningful, self knowledge, wholeness,

investing in life
consumerism, exercise, FIIT, healthyfood, longevity,

  How to keep fit - documentary
exercise, FIT, fitness, hearthealth, motivation, popular science, weighttraining, wellbeing,

wheatgerm for healthyfood nutrition
healthyfood, minerals, protein, vitamins, wheatgerm,

Smiling at the Child Inside - poems of kindness v defensiveness
children, kindness, poems, psychology, smile,

Prayer of the unknown confederate soldier - health, wisdom, poems
health, life, poems, poverty, wisdom,

wholeness implies simplicity implies wholeness
conservation, empathy, harmony, kindness, peace, sustainability, wholeness,

kindness and empathy in children's education
children, education, empathy, kindness, wisdom,

consumerism alienation and wholeness
advertising, alienation, consumerism, poems, shallowness, wholeness,

Resurgence of Wholeness
growyourown, leadbyexample, poems, psychology, wholeness,

How Art Therapy Helps Children With Mental Health and Communication Issues
art therapy, children, communication, education, video,

Multitasking is a disease of 21 st Century
being, paradise, video, wisdom,

The Divorce of Lord and Lady Bregg-Zitt
alcohol, brexit, consciousness, fiction, satire,

Roberta Flack The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face '69
beauty, female vocals,

Science in perspective - vitamins and preventable disease
education, healthyfood, popular science, poverty, value for money, vitamins,

Life is a Journey
being, empathy, exercise, leadbyexample, life, paradise, poems, values, wisdom,

The roots of poverty in wealthy countries
debt, education, freedom, leadbyexample, pathological wealth, reinventing slavery, Social media, TedTalks,

the role of empathy in transformation
empathy, growyourown, poems, psychology, sociology, transformation,

Acquisition v Introspection poem
consumerism, meaningful, poems, psychology, symbolic,

Yellowstone regeneration orchestrated by wolves
biodiversity, video, wolves,

US cities determined to be 100% renewable energy users
hope, renewable energy, Trump,

worlds largest floating solar power plant
physics, renewable energy, solar,

poem of hope
hope, leadbyexample, poems, psychology, wisdom,

organic grassland deficiency symptoms
agriculture, biodiversity, fertility, grass, organic, pasture,

Solar PV - clean energy, wobbly finance
batteries, debt, environment, growyourown, internet, renewable energy, solar, solar storage,

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