Wednesday, 7 November 2018

inflammation and dietary fats

A very comprehensive article about why and how omega 6 (polyunsaturated) oil is a health risk:

An excellent source of omega 3 fat, which is protective against the inflammation caused by omega 6, is flax seeds (aka linseed) and its separated oil.

I use an 'omega seed mix' in cooking (and raw foods) which is balanced, plus some extra omega 6.

Make your own:

100 gram golden linseed
100 gram brown linseed
100 gram sunflower seeds
100 gram pumpkin seeds

Shop bought omega seed mix is often very short on pumpkin seeds (the expensive part!) to boost their profits.

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Lord Douchebag said...

My company sells high fat foods produced by Monsanto treated crops. The more chemicals in your diet the better.

pete said...

The chemical brew has affected your mind, your lordsheep

pete said...

Many food manufacturers are still selling sunflower oil as though it's very special.

In contrast, Lidl's cheapest sunflower margarine is now 8% linseed oil (omega 3!) and you wouldn't know without reading the small print!