Thursday, 2 June 2016

Quick route to fitness, health: exercise

one minute fitness workoutTwo reports in today's news build on the BBC documentary of last year - which showed brief bouts of high intensity exercise having great health benefits.

It may not work for everyone, but who can't afford one minute?

The first report is by Dr. Shayesteh and his interview is available on video courtesy of

full report here:

The second report is by Dr Ram Krishna Chandu of Siddhi Memorial Hospital, Bhaktapur, India, and he recommends early morning walks (while the air is not at its cleanest, you have the rest of the day to expel any pollution).

full report:


the 1 and 1 fitness workoutdocumentary, exercise, health, popular science, video

If you enjoy more exercise, here's a 15 minute complete routine. This makes sense to me, but if time is short then the 1 minute routine is clearly better than nothing.

documentary, exercise, health, popular science, video, fitness


exercise for health said...

standing up IS #exercise, it also involves balance, which is healthy to practice as we #age. #weightloss, #logevity

brainhealth via exercise said...

For #brainhealth, my intuition whispers include EVERY stimulus for healthy #aging: skating, arcade game (5mins!)