Monday, 20 June 2016

Cornish footpath on midsummer's day

Try not to laugh ...

climate change Cornwall
Even with Wellington boots, it was tricky. My dog was not amused ...


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  1. I suggest taking a canoe with you next time! :)

  2. inflatable wellies - ideal footwear for #climatechange

  3. Paddy O'Table21 June 2016 at 18:24

    Woot be yar problem mate? Tha trail from me pub ta tha flophouse eye lives in ar worst than this eye'm tellin ya. Me an Large Marge has no troubles wokken on such trails fer we drinks....drink a pint or 6 afor ye woks jest makes sense I says..

  4. UK #weather #satire Paddy O'Table sounds a tactless name, given the weather! Could you maybe change your name to Lord Wellington Boot?

  5. Lord Wellington Boot 3rd22 June 2016 at 16:31

    I'll sue him if he does.

  6. Lord Douchebag25 June 2016 at 18:53

    My word, is that you Beef Wellington? Why, we haven't been in touch since father donated a wing to Kensington University. Do you remember our school days...pelting lower class youth with dirt clods wielded by our footmen? Oh, those were the days.

  7. Lord Wellington Boot 3rd26 June 2016 at 10:59

    Talking of the rabble - look what's happening now! Don't they realise democracy is a sham orchestrated by the select few, for our entertainment? It distracts them (oh so easily) from the real issues ...


    Lord Lamb Wellington (Beefy's son)

  8. Lord Douchebag27 June 2016 at 17:23

    My word, I'm glad you you displayed this so called petition for those of us pure British to ignore. We must keep out all of the lower class inferior races and keep the UK PURE! As my dear second uncle twice removed Lord Algernon Stiffwood Douchebag once said...Behead all those who know not a tea cozy. A very wise man....Quite..

  9. Lord Douchebag27 June 2016 at 17:36

    Yacht races on the Trent...2 P.M. July 2. Have your butler pack a picnic lunch. Bottles of !865 Douchebag Port wine served by enslaved Botwaneese children served precisely at 2:16...don't be late!

  10. Lawks. 9 comments! I think I'd better perpetrate another post ...

  11. #climatechange - Diplomatic blowback of US climate retreat may hurt Trump climate change news

    President trump’s derisive comments about climate change and the equivocation (at best) that his cabinet appointees have shown for international climate policies could put the United States at odds with the world.

    America’s most steadfast allies and trade partners support the Paris Agreement. One-hundred and ninety four countries joined the Agreement; only three did not (Syria, Nicaragua and Uzbekistan).

    Many of the 130 heads of government who came to Paris in December 2015 emphasized the wide-ranging impacts of climate change on health, well-being and security, and ultimately, each of the countries that joined the Agreement did so in their own self-interest.

    As countries worked to create the Agreement, the landscape of global diplomacy was forever altered, with climate change breaking out of its historical silo to become an issue as central to international diplomacy as trade and security.

    This has also been reflected in the G7 and G20, where climate change has come to the center of the agenda.


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