Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Penny Smiths Essential Guide To Yoga

I first bought this DVD about 18 months ago, having benefitted from Yoga for decades, then promptly forgotten all about it! Realising that I needed more flexibility and less back ache, I resolved to start again, and this DVD is excellent. It isn't only the content. The presentation is relaxing and encourages daily practice.

Reviews on Amazon are generally as positive as mine, so I have no reservations about recommending it.

Penny Smiths Essential Guide To Yoga

Penny Smiths Essential Guide To Yoga

As with all exercises / health classes. It feels best to vary what your body does. Some Pilates is also beneficial for strengthening the core muscles that support the backbone - but too much creates pressure on the lower spine, compacting the vertebrae.

Yoga improves flexibility, decreases stress and lengthens the spine, especially if you spend ages at a desk, or digging foundations for your house by hand (!). I suspect yoga, pilates and something aerobic makes the perfect combination.

Review (part) from another buyer

I really like to way the video provides ideas for adapting these poses to specific needs and abilities and think that the list of health benefits and cautions is useful. A great video to get you started.


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