Sunday, 27 May 2018

investing in life

I am sometimes offered the occasional hour of paid work, mowing someone's lawn, or similar, but I have no interest in extra money.

I now receive the state pension, but for many years lived on a budget that was barely 40% of this, while working on my house.

I have never seen extra money make anyone happy, except young parents faced with the impossibility of buying or building their own home. This is a political problem and beyond the scope of this post.

I'm quite happy to cut someone's grass because it needs doing, but paid work? What would entice me?

Any job that created more days of healthy life. Ultimately, this is what we run out of, and most regret.

So - I'll invent my own such job - 30 minutes a day:

40 seconds FIIT,
10 minutes throwing ball-on-a-rope for my dog,
10 minutes weights,
9 minutes singing

It works ... though you probably wouldn't want to listen



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