Friday, 9 June 2017

disproportionate representation North Cornwall

The Tory box-ticker, Scott Mann has been re-elected for North Cornwall, he'll continue doing what his Tory bosses tell him to.

This raises the obvious question, can we find some way to fund Dan Rogerson to do the constituency work outside of Westminster?

Most people that I listen to are having to vote tactically (or don't and then regret it) in order to cope with the system of disproportionate representation and the ludicrous power of inherited wealth.

The gutter press yesterday all had front page headlines telling their 'readers' (those that can read) to vote Tory. The gutter press is all owned by billionaires ...


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  1. Elmo Slimesleeve9 June 2017 at 16:22

    As editor of 5 Gutterpress publications I utterly deny your accusation that we're owned by billionaires!

    Elmo Slimesleeve
    Editor in Chief
    Gutterpress Publications
    A subsidiary of Douchebag Industries

  2. Gutter press denies biased election "advice" My mistake - just the one billionaire. How is Lord Douchebag these days?

  3. Lord Douchebag9 June 2017 at 19:38

    Greetings sir! Douchebag Industries has just purchased Tesco. Under my personal guidance all produce at Tesco will be organically grown at one of my vast Monsanto factory farms. In another move of genius I purchased the Grand Canyon in America from my dear friend Donnie T. I shall use the giant pit as a dumping place. Landfill space in the States is getting scarce. No more. I shall make a healthy profit from the waste disposal companies. Once the canyon is full I'll purchase an ocean for dumping! My brilliance knows no bounds....Quite.

  4. Trump to build golf course on Grand Canyon after you've filled it with toxic waste?

  5. I live in south Cornwall...and find everything perfect. Be one with that and there what are....peace be you...


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