Thursday, 1 June 2017

Conspicuously Absent from UK Election

Conspicuously Absent from UK Election

1) 300,000 UK children are severely impacted by parental alcohol problems. 3,000,000 have less severe impact. Social workers can't cope. This is a job for the army.

2) Excessive wealth is used to recreate slavery through the monopoly of 'property' and the resultant inflated rents and house prices.

3) The economic system is an engine with a permanent leak. Profits being siphoned out of the system into the increasingly wealthy, particularly into property and, for example, The Cayman Islands tax evasion.

4) Extreme toryism encourages the 1% to become richer by whatever means. Inept, unrealistic socialism encourages the other 1% to become passively mothered by the state, and 'educate' their children to do the same.

The 1% justify their behaviour by pointing to the other 1%.

The other 1% justify themselves by pointing to the 1%!

This is childish. It assumes that any selfish behviour is acceptable provided you can find anyone who is even worse ...

5) We still have a system of disproportionate representation, which serves to perpetuate the 2 ludicrous, unrealistic political extremes as most voters have to vote tactically to keep the worst donkeys out of power - first past the post, indeed.

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  1. The leaders of the CIVILISED world have condemned #Trump for endangering ~a billion of the world's poorest people to increased famine floods drought ...

    Teresa May, temporary leader of Little England has declined to criticise it.

  2. Lord Douchebag2 June 2017 at 18:09

    I find your comedy writing most excellent! I laughed with great gusto as Jeeves read your post as he was carrying me to view my garden. Alas,I spotted a weed and 5 of my gardeners had to be sent to the doss house. upgrade from their current living conditions. I must go now...Lord Trump has contacted me regarding work camps under construction for the underclass.

  3. Oh dear. Trumpenstein has been taking lessons from Buffet the Buffoon - who generously rushed to the aid of the victims of sub prime housing fiasco in USA (lost their homes) and built huge trailer parks in order to trap them in rented bondage until they die - probably with a sigh of relief.

    No other species concocts such evil ...


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