Friday, 15 July 2016

solar renewable energy, biodiversity and wildlife combine

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solar renewable energy, biodiversity and wildlife combine in green roof venture

renewable energy meets biodiversity

Today I discovered a very fine video from a 'green roofing' company that goes way beyond the analytical limitations of specialism to achieve many goals at once.

 Nathalie Baumann and Dusty Gedge have collaborated to produce this report:

renewable energy meets biodiversity

Green roofs - Bio solar roofs video

Only yesterday I was tweeting a report that graveyards are better for biodiversity than city parks, which isn't obvious.
renewable energy meets biodiversity

 So the more research we can access to aid wildlife-friendly urban spaces the better.


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  1. Graveyards...what a waste of space..and materials used to make a casket. I wonder how many tons of wood and metal are buried in the ground? My wife and I will be cremated and the ashes scattered in the garden. I always wanted to be a soil amendment....

  2. I have to be reminded not to walk into traffic as I play Pokeman go...because i am stupid...thank you

  3. Pokeman? Is this a game or an instruction? :)

  4. #biodiversity funding to be maintained at same level biodiversity news Dunedin New Zealand

    At present the council funds projects on a 50:50 cost-sharing basis from the $60,000 annual fund.

    Council research and monitoring officer Garreth Kyle said at present there was an over-subscription by landowners and groups for funding to protect, maintain and enhance biodiversity in the city.

    An alternative funding option to increase the funding limit for two ``flagship projects'' in each of two funding rounds per year to $10,000, and increase the amount allocated to the fund by $20,000 a year was discussed.

    The current model limited applicants to $5000 funding is easily understood and applications are straightforward.

  5. What if we gave #universalincome to people in #biodiversity hotpots? biodiversity news

    But he also argues there are potential solutions, including giving a universal guaranteed income to populations living in or near biodiversity hotspots ...


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