Thursday, 7 July 2016

Gawd is busy (in our image) cartoon

satire cartoon God prayer

Copyright 2016    Marty Downs


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Satire - the events that suddenly provoke prayer in the previously pagan ...


  1. Fantastic satirical art, Marty. Gawd appears to have 2 arms and no legs. Legless? Nice to see Zap in the bottom right. Is he/she/it related to the Aloeveras?

  2. It's very possible that zap is a scout for the Aloeveras... :)

  3. Please to tell me what did happen to the Aleveras I am saying. They are still upon the moon observing I am saying? I am thanking you. Amur Patel Phd,DDT,OMG

  4. There was some confusion over the dates of their last visit. The incompetent narrator (me) thought they were messaging us in real time, but it was something like 200 years ago.

    Rumour has it that they seeded ideas for mechanising the basics of building and agriculture, so that the working people could be liberated from slavery, then went on their merry way. The good news is, they are back (secret location) and looking forward to chronic(!)ling the awesome progress of the hairless apes of Planet Earth, in particular, their adopted home of UQ - The Untidy Queendom of Little England.

    P also S, I am pleased to hear from you, Amur, after such a long break. And especially pleased to see you have been educating yourself at an awesome rate! 3 degrees in less than a decade!


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